May 20th, 2009


Yesterday, and out of the blue, I started to wander around; bag in hand and with a weather that made it hot in the shade.

It must have been something similar to what happened to Forrest Gump, although I never had any back issues in my childhood. Of course, lately I walk a little bent over mostly because of the sheer quantity of cocks I’ve eaten thru my life.

I had to make several stops in order to satisfy my excruciating need to pee, face looking to the road, so I’d get people horny.

“I’m a slut and an exhibitionist” I yelled to the drivers.

Suddenly I stopped walking, with one clearing thought in my head: I had found the meaning of my life. I had to make each and every one of my sexual fantasies come true, and better yet, maximize ‘em all the way.

Maybe it was an alcohol thing, or product of the thousand cocks that have met my Goddess cunt, but I swear for all that’s dear to me that I felt that as an overwhelming and revealing message.

So, being that now I live however I want and have plenty of money, I decided to realize one of my fantasies while exploiting as much as I could.

I called a worker and ate his cock; later I called another and fucked him with no mercy. I called a third one and he gave me an anal. And so on until I had done all 30 workers there.

I feel so good.



May 14th, 2009

There are always some wise guys that want to take advantage of the situation.

The other day I went to Granada to do some work. There a client was waiting, he works in an assurance company. I don’t know if all assurance agents are as boring as this one, but my God, he was so dull and stupid. He was telling me about his life, about the way his company had to move… boooring! Being a whore is most of all having to bear with people telling you things, never ending their massive tale. Sex? Just a sidenote.

Well, this guy tried to be too funny the other day. He wanted to pay my services of 500 euros per hour by buying dinner too, which was about 90 euros (the guy was very fat and wouldn’t stop ordering food, he actually got 4 ice creams for dessert!). Who does this prick think he is? He thinks I’m gonna pay for his dinner? He put he cash with the bill and smiled and winked at me. Some people have no class at all!

This one is long gone forever.


May 8th, 2009

While they were getting the lights and cameras right for my last scene, the old man wanted me to give him a hand job. He wouldn’t stop, always grabbing my hand and putting my hand on his cock. I moved it until he asked me to stop, ‘cause he was going to cum. That kept happening a long time. Sometimes, just to bother him, I’d bend down and suck it. And then he couldn’t take it any longer, he had to grab my head and push it back because it was just too much for him.

To have a girl doing a hand job is alright, but to have her eating it up by surprise it just priceless.





May 4th, 2009

Everybody’s gone on vacation, everybody’s at the beach, so I don’t know who I am going to update this blog for, since there’s no one here. I hate the beach and I hate Sundays, I hate the noise people make, I hate the happiness of happy families, and I hate myself for doing nothing besides being a whore and a porn actress (which is basically the same thing).

Helloooooo…. Is there anybody out there????


April 28th, 2009

On his blog, Torbe says that from now on, all messages on all blogs here in Torbe Network will be moderated, meaning, they won’t get published right away, there will be someone approving or disapproving them. Too bad, I used to like it so much when you bitched against me…

I’ll talk to Torbe in order to get him to respect, at least in my blog, those who insult me and so those don’t get deleted. I can’t live without a good dose of shitty talk, insults like fat, whore, slut, pig… I love to hear that every morning when I get up, so please, please, keep insulting me, which in the end, is a demonstration of love.

I love you too!!!!


April 22nd, 2009

Yesterday, as I was walking around Port Olimpic in Barcelona I saw a quite good looking guy. He was alone, so was I. For a few minutes we were kind of staring at each other, until I finally flashed him one of my typical smiles. He stood there looking at me in awe and finally, he smiled too. I come close and tell him:

“Hey, how ya doin’?”

“Sorry, do I know you from somewhere?” says the freak.

“I don’t know… you probably do…” as in “you know man, if you want to score or not”. I stood there waiting to see him work it out, all expectations, looking at him and seeing him getting more and more nervous.

“Gee… I don’t know, hahaha (nervous laughter)… thing is I don’t know you… er…”

“You come around here a lot?” I help him a bit.

“It’s just that I’m here to buy a hard drive I need to backup some stuff.”

“You don’t have enough space for all the porn you download?” (hahaha, I’m a pig, I just threw it to him like that… I saw he was so freaky and sad… it’s the only thing his face inspired saying.)

He stood there looking, somewhere between being amazed and being pissed and told me that it was for his sister, to keep some pictures.
“But hadn’t you said that it was to backup some stuff? You’re a really bad liar!” He started to blush but wouldn’t move. God, I started to get tired of the whole situation! “Can I join you?” I told him, just like that, to see if he reacted.

“Sorry, gotta go.”

And that’s how this pathetic guy left, leaving me somewhere between emptiness and nothing at all. How sad are some guys… And then they complain about not getting to fuck!


April 16th, 2009

I forgot to tell you that I was in the Kobetasonik in Bilbao, and many of you recognized me, which made me very joyous. One of the usual readers of this blog told me he had the highest score jerking off to my pics; I told him that there was no better way to celebrate that than me giving him a hand job right there. So, hidden behind the central camp I gave him the hand job of a lifetime!

We were back there, and I was getting horny, jerking a web fan off with so many people around.

The concerts were amazing, and the funniest of all was to see later in EL CORREO’s website (which is the most read newspaper) that they have a feature about me and the jerk off fan! Ain’t it wonderful??

Here’s the link to the paper’s article.


April 9th, 2009

Yeah, I know I’m not updating the blog lately, but I’ve been travelling and I have barely had any time to do it. Anyway, in this last trip I’ve been thinking whether or not I should continue with this blog, and I think I’m gonna go with the second. I feel I want to do other things with my life and the blog doesn’t thrill me as much as it used to in the beginning, and I want to travel and forget all about updating it.

Anyway, I’ll be uploading the scenes I’ve done with a few fans and who knows, maybe I’ll even get to fuck some of those who wrote to me again.

Love, forever yours.


March 28th, 2009

Love doesn’t understand of frontiers, races or age difference.
Love appears thru the window and doesn’t knock on the door, as Manolo Garcia said.
Love can be short, long, or decaf, thou I like it with a lot of milk. XD

In the scene I shot with JP Love I had to swallow the sour cum of this seventy-year old man. I had never fucked someone so old in a movie before, I HAD DONE IT with a customer when I’m working as slut, but not in porn.

“You’re gonna swallow all my cum?”
“Sure, that’s why I’m here; so when I get to feel you warm cum in my mouth, a thousand jerks cum as well as they see how I swallow your cum, his cum, their cums.”

Before he got to cum he told me he loved me.


March 22nd, 2009

Yesterday, walking by Plaza Catalunya, I ran into a friend of mine, from the Canaries. We used to go to school together. It was great to meet her; sometimes destiny does this things haha.

She confessed me that she read my blog and that she was a fan of what I did. She told me she had been working in an office for a while but had to leave it ‘cause her boss fell in love with her and wouldn’t leave her alone. Later, she tried working in a supermarket but people wouldn’t stop staring at her tits. When I told her I was doing great as a slut, she couldn’t believe it! I showed her my purse: I had 500 euros that I just had got paid from a client and she was amazed!

After half an hour of talking, she just sent me a couple of pics. Do you think she can make it as a slut?

I think 500 euros would be a good start, or should it be a little less?